Bird Dog Bot Review

I’m writing this review of Bird Dog Bot because it saved my ass. In summary, it helped me keep a job with a real estate company. How? Well, I had to create a report on prices in certain areas of California. I thought I was done, so I submitted it three days earlier. My boss looked at me in disappointment. In other words, he told me all the information there was useless. So, I had to do it again. Well, I met a younger guy who told me about Bird Dog Robot. After giving it some thought, I decided to get it, and it gave me the biggest advantage.

Now, I always get accurate real estate information. Granted, I don’t have the connections that my bosses have. However, whenever there’s a project for future investment, I am the one they call first. This piece of software is magic. It makes you believe and gives you success in the real estate world. As the saying goes, “Believe you can, and you are halfway there.

What is the Bird Dog Bot?

Bird Dog Bot is software designed for real estate investors who want to find real estate deals faster and with accuracy.

In essence, you’ll get real, valuable information without having to deal with the useless ones.

  • Find accurate pricing
  • Get updated results based on thousands of listings
  • Obtain a forecast of profit in rent
  • The results are based on accurate comparisons

The software browses through many listings. Then, it compiles and compares them, looks for trends to know if they’re accurate, and then shows you the results.

The Details That You Will Get from Kosta’s BirdDogBot

Once you get the software, you’ll need to use it for a while to get acquainted. In essence, you’ll have valuable filters and search criteria to get the information that’ll be most valuable to you and your project.

  • Access to multiple sites at the same time is something that you will find to be invaluable.
  • Filter between the types of properties you want, and exclude those that you’re not interested in at the moment.
  • Search by city, state, ZIP codes, prices, number of bedrooms, and bathrooms too.

Those are just to name a few of its features. What I want to say is that everything you could need to evaluate investments, you can get here in just seconds. As you filter and improve your search criteria, the results will become more relevant.

The Best Features of the Bird Dog Bot by Kosta Apostolou

Let me be clear here; this software does exactly what a normal investor would do.

  • Find the best listing websites
  • Get the most reliable information
  • Find the best and most reliable sources
  • Get great visuals to help with decision-making processes

How does it do that? Let’s look deeper into the system.

Multiple Site Search

Once you set the right criteria, the program will look into the most reliable websites.

What’s special about these websites? Well, with your software license, the creators pay for licenses to valuable sources of information, from government databases to other investor websites.

Now, once it goes into these websites, it looks for trends. Why? Because that helps to increase the accuracy of the results you get.

So, the software goes to all these websites, compares the best info, and presents you with valuable numerical insights.

Custom Searching Features

What freedom can you get if you can’t choose?

This software lets you pick exactly where you want to get your information from. How?

First, you can choose the websites you want the software to visit. Also, you can select more characteristics:

Those are just to name a few. To get you started, the software comes with default search options that are useful as they are.

However, my recommendation is that you play a little with the options. That way, you’ll know exactly how to look for exactly what you need, every time.

Instant Learning Curve

So, remember I keep saying you should play with it?

Well, the developers have tested the software. The developers found out that the learning curve is very short. Most people take 2-3 days to fully understand how it works.

However, to do that, you need to use the software and experiment a little.

You’ll find basic info on its functions. Maybe you can find tutorials online. However, experiment with it, try.

Results in the Email

If you’ve ever needed to have this information with you, now you can have it at all times.

With this option, you’ll get the results in your inbox only if you choose so. This is useful to keep track of your search trends and have all the results in a secure place, which also works as a backup.

In the end, everything you need to know will always be stored in a place only you have access to. Moreover, it’ll be well-timestamped and easy to track.

Bird Dog Bot Bonuses

While these are not bonuses, these are two amazing features that you get along with Bird Dog Bot. The competitors don’t offer these features. So, here is a brief look at these features:

Video Tutorials

The great thing is that you don’t have to fumble around until you get a hang of things. The program consists of video tutorials that teach you the process in detail. This is awesome as you can watch these videos in your free time and learn more and more about the system, before performing your first search.

24/7 Tech Support

Another great feature of the program is that it provides you with full support. Several programs offer support but you have to fill out a ticket and wait and then you will get the support team’s help. However, with Bird Dog Bot, you will get 24/7 tech support.

Who is the Program For?

Bird Dog Bot provides secure data servers, secure searches, and analytic features from which all investors can benefit. So, it is for anyone involved in real estate. For example, if you are just starting and have a limited budget, you can use the search features to get access to affordable properties to get you started with the program.

On the other hand, if you are an old pro and know exactly what you are doing, the custom searches and analysis can help you earn more money and ultimately, attract more investors, so you can get more profit. Thus, this program is great for both the starters and old pros.

A Professional’s Point Of View

First, although I love this software, you have to understand that it only retrieves data.

What I mean is, you’ll have to do the homework of interpreting the search results. Most people would want to obtain software that can completely forecast everything. However, although that’s possible with a machine, it’s dangerous.

For example, the software couldn’t have predicted the virus issue we had in 2020. Even worse, its effect on the markets.

Personally, it seems that any software that promises in-depth analysis shouldn’t be trusted. However, software that offers direct, accurate information will work.

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