Options Pop Honest Review: Does It Help You Make Money

When we navigate the financial markets, it is quite clear that our ultimate goal is to obtain a good profit, and the higher and sooner, the better.

To do so, we usually have to look for stock options with a potential strong movement, so we can make a good enough profit.

But when it comes to looking for those stocks is when we will have more problems. It is not easy to determine when a stock is going to move, and there are times when we find it, that it turns out to be a false positive that wastes our time and money.

Fortunately, there are platforms like Options Pop that will help us solve all these problems by finding the best opportunities to buy or sell using the full potential of the call and put options leverage.

Through Options Pop, we will receive an alert that includes all the necessary information about a potential option trade with a very high probability of generating profits.

Our work, then, is reduced to buy and sell those option contracts indicated, making outstanding returns. We will see how everything works in this Options Pop review.

What is Options Pop Options Alerts exactly?

Basically, Option Pop is an online tool from which we will receive three alerts about possible option trades with a very high probability of the stock moving, making us great profits.

Options Pop will send us an alert on every Wednesday of the week. They will tell us the company we should trade, the option contract, whether a call or put, and the expiration date. They will even suggest to us the option premium we should spend. For example, here is one of the alerts.

Buy Call 25-January TWLO 102 for 2.70 or less (Weekly option, expires in 9 days)

As you can see, they will provide us with the exact information we need to enter the trade before anything happens. Besides, Options Pop will notify us that any of the options we trade may increase in price immediately or even take a week, but in no case should we let our contracts expire worthless since it is not designed for that purpose.

How does option pop work?

The question that many of us ask ourselves when using an option trading tool like Options Pop is how do they choose options, what is based on, and what tactics are used.

Primarily, Options Pop will use technical analysis (a combination of technical indicators such as the stochastic indicator or the RSI stock indicator that they do not reveal for obvious reasons) to find these stocks that may have a probability of a strong move over the next nine days at most.

As they explain on their website, when their program has identified a potential stock, they immediately pick a call or a put, along with the most appropriate strike price. After that, they will calculate the optimal option premium we should pay at most for that option.

Once this is done, a text message and email are sent to all program subscribers so that they can operate with the options contracts they have indicated. As you can see, it’s pretty straightforward.

Options Pop

Exploring the Options Pop program

One of our golden rules with any tool is to test it, show and verify the results obtained after a certain period, so you do not have to spend your money and your time when it is not necessary. In this Options Pop review, we have done that too.

Here you have a picture of the main page available in Options Pop website. In it, you can find a few sections talking about how to configure your exit strategies, how far should we go if we did not manage to catch the premium they told us, and a few videos where they explain some examples.

Of course, the most relevant section is the one that shows us the actual alerts for the week. You will find every alert since Options Pop began running online, so you can check if those were profitable or not.

One of the things we first did was precisely that. We checked about 20 alerts, and 18 of them were successful, providing an average of 2.5:1 profit-risk ratio.

However, the best thing we could possibly do was try it for a few months and check if the real numbers were true.

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