Options Payday Alerts Review

Who is the Creator of this Product, and why should you trust them?

This product is created by Jeff Tompkins. He has traded in stock, foreign exchange, and options and has over twenty years of experience in trading markets. Investors trust people who are professionals and have experience in whatever they are doing. One of the reasons why you should trust the creator of this product is the fact that he is currently the president and the chief executive strategist at the Trading Profit. It takes professionalism and many years of experience to attain such a position in securities trading. Furthermore, the author’s ability to design the product in such a way that users do not need any experience in using the product is incredible. No extra cost will be incurred for hiring professionals to assist on how to use the product, and no special software is required to receive the alerts. All that is needed is an active email.

What is the actual Product about, and what does it include?

The actual product is about how options are traded and how one can use earned profits to reinvest in the trading to make more. The product guarantees 100% win rates. In addition to that, the product offers various strategies of compounding gains, which is collecting money every week and reinvesting. The product includes special bonuses which are received after signing up for the program. A training book behind the winning strategy is offered for the users to learn more about how to trade smart and not trade hard. The strategy training book is divided into parts with easy to follow steps on how to trade smart. Also, the handbook provides live trades examples, allowing the users to learn the strategies using the current trade scenarios. Secrets on how to correct losing trade and earn more income, commonly known as trade adjustments, are also provided in the options training handbook.

What Problem Can The Product Help Solve?

The option payday alerts product helps solve some of the biggest problems that people face when trading. For instance, many traders have no patience on entry. They always anticipate for signals that never come, especially those who monitor the market closely and are eager to get some money working. The solution for this is to wait for the entry signal. The Options payday alerts solve this problem by sending alerts to clients when the market is clear, giving them the go-ahead to make their investment. The other issue that occurs is the selling of options too soon. One needs to go through past trades and apply his or her rules of selling to see what his net profitability would have been if he was disciplined. Options payday alerts solves this problem by opening a new trade every week, collecting money from the trade and waiting for couple few weeks until the option expires before trading again.

What is the format of the product, and what do you get?

The Options payday alerts is a subscription-based product that delivers trade alerts to its clients once a week via their email. The easy to use system was designed for everyone. All they need is an email address and access to a broker. There is also an option for the trader to enter the position himself or handover to his or her broker. After subscription, the product eliminates guesswork by alerting their clients when to enter, when and how to adjust and when to close out the trades. Apart from guidelines and alerts on how to trade, the product offers exclusive bonuses to its subscribers. Subscribers have access to the training book behind the strategy being used for winning, which is delivered in simple and easy to follow instructions. The book also shows users how to adjust their trading and where to find trades of their own.

Who is the Product intended for, and is it actionable?

The product is intended for anyone who wishes to successfully trade in stock, options, and even foreign exchange. Trading in these securities is difficult when one has no idea of what he is doing. The options payday alerts provide guidelines on how to trade carefully and smart to avoid losing huge sums of money. Financial freedom is what everyone seeks, which always include living a good life, living debt-free, and providing adequately for their families. Users of the options payday alerts achieve financial freedom by supplementing or replacing their current source of income. Careful trading by following the instructions in the alerts should at least enable the traders to get a positive feedback, but this does not mean that they are guaranteed of earning. Any product listed under ClickBank is not actionable. ClickBank is a registered trademark that has been given permission by the government to retail this product.

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