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I first learned about ViralURL back in 2008 when I first starting building my MLM Business online. I was a customer on and off for about nine years. As of June 2021 (my update) I am using their service as an GOLD member.

ViralURL offers many different services that would benefit ANYONE trying to build an online business. This includes network marketers, bloggers, affiliate marketers, internet marketers, and anyone else trying to grow their email list and make sales.

ViralURL is a safelist. This is a database of people who agree to send and receive emails to each other about different business opportunities and unique offers. By joining the service, you agree to receive other people’s emails every day. You can earn “credits” by reading other people’s emails, which you can redeem to get additional advertising to promote your own business.

Benefits of ViralURL

There are many advantages of using their service. This is what it has to offer you.

# 1: ViralURL helps you protect your affiliate commissions.

It’s a proven fact that many people steal affiliate commissions. Many people who click on your affiliate link will delete your affiliate code before they make a purchase, which means you won’t earn a commission on the sale. ViralURL helps you prevent that from happening. You can cloak your affiliate links so you protect your hard-earned commission. This is a MUST HAVE for any affiliate marketer (a link cloaker).

# 2: ViralURL helps your build your email list.  

You can build a HUGE email list with ViralURL. For approximately $197 per year (yes, there is a free option as well, but not recommended), you can send your email to 6,000 online marketers every 3-days. These are other ViralURL subscribers who are interested in making money online. You can send them to your own websites and capture pages and build your email list.

You can also build a downline within ViralURL that you can communicate with and recommend other products and services, too.

There is even an option to upgrade to the DIAMOND or ELITE package, where you can email 6,000 people every 3-days. That is the plan I use. That cost me $197 per year.

You can also purchase solo ads. Just the other day (September 2020) I purchased three solo ads from ViralURL for approximately $65. Each solo ad gets sent to more than 14,000 members. That’s a cost of about $21.66 per solo. Not bad.

# 3: You can track your statistics.

You can use ViralURL to track your clicks and see which ads are working and which ones aren’t working. This lets you identify and eliminate ineffective ads and focus on what works. If you don’t track it, you can’t improve it.

# 4: You can earn free advertising.

You can read other people’s emails and earn ad credits you can use for your own advertising. You can even put their banners on your website and earn credits for each impression. This is great for anyone with a small marketing budget.

# 5: You can promote banner ads and text ads.

You can upload different banner ads and text ads into your back office and ViralURL automatically promotes your business for you to other members.

# 6: You can earn affiliate commissions for recommending it to others

You can earn nice affiliate commissions from people you refer to ViralURL. Not only do you get paid when they join, but you also get paid when they renew each year, so you can earn a residual income.

In addition, there are many upsells and upgrades within ViralURL that you can make money on. People you recommend to the service can buy solo ads, banner ads, guaranteed visitors, and additional advertising, all of which you make money on! Once you refer people to the system, the system takes over from there and works for YOU. You can earn commissions up to 60% depending on your membership level.

I believe ViralURL is a great for a newbie or experienced internet marketer looking to generate more leads and create an additional income stream. Although it’s not as popular as it was years ago, it still works!

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